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The Notorious RBG steps in to call it like it is: poor women in America don’t have enough reproductive choice. See the Huffington Post.

After Donald Trump’s lawyer claimed Trump isn’t a rapist because marital rape doesn’t exist, he received well-deserved backlash from those who actually understand sexual violence. See The Guardian.

India Times reports on the hundreds of schoolgirls forced to sacrifice education due perpetual sexual harassment faced on their walk to school.

After trans teen Gavin Grimm was denied access to the boys’ bathroom at school, he sparked an important federal case regarding bathroom discrimination against trans individuals. See the New York Times.

Less than two weeks after Sandra Bland’s death, Ralkina Jones has died in police custody under disturbing circumstances. See Colorlines.

Human Rights Watch highlights the ongoing suffering endured by women rescued from Boko Haram.

A new web series aims to promote positive dialogue surrounding women’s body image. See MAKERS.

Read these female celebrities’ amazing shut downs of sexist interview questions. See Mic.

The Pew Research Center reports on the disappointing lack of female leadership throughout the world.

Bill Cosby doesn’t think he’s a rapist, and that exposes the pervasive reality of rape culture. See Mic.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards writes on how anti-abortion extremists are terrorizing women’s health. See the Washington Post.

Jeb Bush already defunded Planned Parenthood in Florida, with disastrous effects on women’s health. See Mic.

The New York Times tears apart the GOP proposal to defund Planned Parenthood, calling it “moronic.”

Even better: Sen. Elizabeth Warren delivered a scathing speech before Monday’s PP vote, asking members of the Senate who support the defunding if they fell on their heads and woke up in the 1890s. See TIME.

Supporters of women’s health can breathe a temporary sigh of relief as the vote to strip federal funding from Planned Parenthood is blocked in the Senate. See the Huffington Post.

Quartz brings attention to the often ignored child-bride crisis in Latin America.

A youth basketball team was disqualified from a tournament for having a girl playing on their team. See Mic.

Netflix will be offering “unlimited” paid leave for new mommies and daddies in the first year after a child’s birth or adoption! Where can we apply? See the Washington Post.

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