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It wasn’t easy to sit through the GOP Debate as a woman. See the Huffington Post.

Mother Jones outlines what the Republican candidates had to say about reproductive rights in the first GOP debate.

Amnesty International votes for a policy aimed at decriminalizing prostitution. See the New York Times.

A woman on her period let her blood run free while running a marathon to help destigmatize menstruation and draw attention to the women who lack proper access to hygiene products. See Mirror.

New research shows that oral contraceptives help prevent endometrial cancer. See Slate.

The Huffington Post satirizes America’s obsession with Jennifer Anniston finding a man.

Donald Trump claims he will be “phenomenal to the women,” but “the women” aren’t buying it. See TIME.

After Trump’s reference to Megyn Kelly having “blood coming out of her wherever,” thousands of women live tweet their periods at Trump to show that #PeriodsAreNotAnInsult. See Mic.

John Oliver draws attention to the lack of sexual education in America with a hilarious video. See Mother Jones.

The New York Times commemorates the life of hero Frances Oldham Kelsey, who saved generations of U.S. babies from deformities caused by Thalidomide.

Target moves towards removing gender labeling from many of its aisles. See TIME. 

Research shows gender-specific toys can negatively impact childhood development. See Women In The World.

As more women enter combat, access to contraception remains dangerously limited. See PBS.

Bustle highlights key reasons why white feminism needs to be confronted.

Stephen Colbert writes a feminist essay and promises his new show will give women the representation they deserve . See Vanity Fair.

Miley Cyrus discusses how being constantly photoshopped and beautified for her role as Hannah Montana negatively impacted her sense of self. See Mic.

Ice Cube has a very problematic defense of N.W.A’S misogynistic lyrics. See the Huffington Post.

A woman gets photoshopped in 18 countries to demonstrate their varying beauty standards. See Mic.

Mic spotlights the first camp for gender nonconforming children, and the images are beautiful.

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  1. These links are so important! Thank you for sharing!

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